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Biology of Staphylococcal Infections


The team’s work focuses on the biology of the human bacterial pathogen Staphylococcus.

The genus Staphylococcus englobes Gram-positive bacteria that causes a variety of life-threatening diseases. Despite the available means of antibiotic treatment, the control of staphylococcal infections is hampered by the constant increase in the prevalence of multi-resistant strains in clinical isolates. Identifying new therapeutic strategies to combat staphylococcal infections is therefore both a human health and economic issue.

The aim of our research is to decipher the biological mechanisms involved in staphylococcal infections, and to use these discoveries to answer major clinical questions To do this, we use cellular and animal models coupled with experimental clinical studies of infection mechanisms. Working in interaction with clinical collaborators (CHU Nîmes) and biotechnology companies, our two areas of fundamental and clinical research are contributing to the development of new strategies for treating infections linked to Staphylococci.


Dr. Virginie MOLLE, PhD

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